WavPack Compatible Software
Name Description
WMP Tag Plus Clever plugin for Windows Media Player that allows its Media Library to work seamlessly with the metadata tags on many audio formats that are not officially supported by Microsoft, including WavPack.
CheckWavpackFiles An easy-to-use program to quickly verify individual WavPack files or whole directory trees. Just drop them in!
JRiver MediaCenter A favorite media player among audiophiles, JRiver's MediaCenter is very stable and highly customizable. It's a great choice for Windows 7 & 8, and early versions for Mac and even Linux are now available, and they all have complete native WavPack support for both playback and ripping. One of the great things about it (and why it's popular with audiophiles) is that it has many bit-perfect output driver options and can play high sample rate files (which WavPack lossy is ideal for) and DSD, and it also has DLNA capability so you can stream quality tunes all over the house.
Foobar2000 A new, high quality audio player that supports WavPack in the normal installation. Foobar2000 has full ReplayGain support and can play all formats of WavPack files including multichannel and those with embedded cuesheets. Foobar2000 also has a powerful tag editor and music converter that work perfectly with WavPack.
Winamp The most popular audio player can play WavPack files using the plugin that is included in the Winamp Essentials Pack (available on the Winamp site).
VLC VideoLAN Commonly known as the media player that "plays everything!", VLC natively plays WavPack too (of course).
Adobe Audition A very popular audio editor (formerly CoolEdit). The filter available on the download page not only allows loading and saving all types of WavPack files, but is the only lossless Audition filter that works with the native 32-bit data and the only one that preserves the extra information (like cues and playlists).
Steinberg WaveLab 5/6 One of the most powerful audio editors, WaveLab 5 is a complete solution for recording and mastering high resolution and multichannel audio, and can even burn CDs and DVDs directly. The WavPack plugin is the first third-party plugin to work with WaveLab and is available for download from this page. In addition, the newly released WaveLab 6 has the WavPack plugin right on the distribution CD!
Apollo A well established audio player known for its superb sound quality. Can play WavPack files using the plugin available on the download page. Includes ReplayGain support.
VUPlayer A very nice audio player with extensive native WavPack support including playback of all WavPack formats, configurable encoding to WavPack from other audio files (or directly from CD), and tag editing. It has some cool animated VU meters too!
Ahead Nero The most popular CD authoring tool that comes pre-packaged with many CD/DVD burners. The plugin available on the download page allows burning audio CDs directly from WavPack files, ripping CDs directly to WavPack files, and converting to and from the WavPack format.
dBpowerAMP A popular collection of powerful tools that allow you to do just about everything with audio files. It includes a CD ripper, an audio player, a music converter, and even a utility to record from a line-input. Works great with WavPack using the codec available directly from them.
Reaper New powerful multitrack audio recorder and editor from the creator of winamp. Reaper has native WavPack support and can even record multitrack directly to WavPack (which is great for live setups with limited storage).
Burrrn Burrrn is a little tool for creating audio CDs with CD-Text from various audio files, including WavPack. One great feature of Burrrn is that is can burn directly from WavPack CD images with embedded cuesheets (no unpack required)!
Easy CD-DA Extractor A great all-in-one program for ripping and burning audio CDs and converting between various audio formats. Easy CD-DA Extractor has full support for WavPack right out of the box.
jetAudio Media Player Although it started out as a free utility with Cowon media players, jetAudio has been expanded to be a fine stand-alone audio and video media player that can also rip and burn audio CDs and convert between various audio and video formats. Version 7.0.3 includes full WavPack support.
EAC Considered by many to be the most secure CD ripper. There is no WavPack plugin for EAC, but some special features have been added to WavPack to make it work particularly well with EAC's "external compressor" mode. Read all about it in this guide.
SoX SoX is a cross-platform (Windows, Linux, MacOS X, etc.) command line utility that can convert various formats of computer audio files in to other formats, including WavPack. It can also apply various effects to these sound files, and, as an added bonus, SoX can play and record audio files on most platforms. Sometimes this is the perfect tool for that audio job that nothing else will do.
Mp3tag A versatile tag editor that provides all the regular tag related functions, but also uses the WavPack library to be aware of WavPack specific information. It is also aware of and properly handles the "correction" files. Highly recommended!
DeaDBeeF I have actually been involved with the development of this Linux player via patches for improved WavPack and ReplayGain support, and I would suggest that right now this player has the most complete support for WavPack on Linux available. It fully supports cuesheets, gapless playback, ReplayGain, embedded cover art and tag editing, plus it plays all the various WavPack formats including the .iso files popular in some communities and has full support for correction files. It's what I currently use every day.
JavaTunes This is one of the coolest audio players I've tried lately! What's neat is that I can double-click the same exact jar file on either my Windows or Ubuntu environments and get the same player (and, of course, it will work equally well on MACs too). And it's not stripped down feature-wise either; it includes gapless playback and cover art display.
Musique This is another multiplatform player that uses the Java WavPack decoder, but what's very cool about this one is that it is able to encode to WavPack using the Java encoder! Again, it's no slouch feature-wise with cuesheet and gapless support, and even automatically downloads and displays song lyrics.
Aqualung A music player designed with perfectly gapless playback in mind, Aqualung also includes a Music Store that is an XML-based music database capable of storing various metadata about music on your computer. Aqualung supports WavPack natively and there's even a Windows version available!
Asunder A very nice graphical Audio CD ripper and encoder for Linux. You can use it to save tracks from an Audio CD as WAV, MP3, OGG, FLAC and/or WavPack, and it supports CDDB.
Audacious A new media player forked from the Beep Media Player, Audacious supports WavPack by default and is starting to appear in many standard Linux distros
Traverso A cross-platform (Windows, Linux, MAC) multitrack audio recording and editing suite, with an innovative and easy to master User Interface. It's suited for both the professional and home user, who needs a robust and solid DAW. Since it uses 32-bit float data internally WavPack is an obvious choice for lossless archiving, and it will even record directly to WavPack.
XMMS The standard Unix audio player modeled after winamp. An beta version plugin is available on the download page.
Quod Libet This player uses the GStreamer plugin to play WavPack files and includes a powerful tag editor called Ex Falso. Has ReplayGain support and is great at managing large music libraries.
EasyTAG This GTK+-based tag editor works with just about all types of music files (including WavPack) and it has versions available for both Linux and Windows. Be sure to get at least version 2.0.1 for WavPack support.
X Lossless Decoder This is a very cool program for the MAC out of Japan that allows conversion and playback of several lossless formats, including WavPack. It also handles cusheets and allows directly splitting a WavPack file into the desired tracks, and now includes a secure CD ripper with AccurateRip. Very handy!
Cog An audio player for Mac OS X that plays WavPack files right out of the box!
Max A powerful audio converter plus CD ripper (with FreeDB access) for Mac OS X that handles over 20 formats, including WavPack.
Tag A metadata editor for the MAC that has an intuitive interface for making quick changes and a batch mode for making large parallel updates. Guess what else? Full WavPack support!
Play Play is a MAC application for playing and managing audio files of many formats. It has gapless playback, ReplayGain, supports all the various bitdepths of WavPack, and allows metadata editing. Additionally, Play is tightly integrated with Core Audio and supports DSP effects using Audio Units.
Online Audio Converter This is a new one for me! Basically, this website allows you to convert to and from various audio formats (including WavPack) without using any program on your computer...simply upload your source file and download the converted file. Very handy, especially if you don't have time to learn about a new format or don't want to (or are not allowed to) install software on your computer. Also useful when you're on a mobile device.

Comparisons of lossless audio codecs
Name Description
Roberto's An extensive comparison of codec features, including a chart summarizing the pros and cons of each
Synthetic Soul's An up-to-date comparison that is organized into tables that make it very easy to compare the compression ratio and speed of the top lossless programs

General Audio Information
Name Description
Hydrogen Audio The audio technology enthusiast's resource includes information and forums regarding audio software and hardware, with an emphasis on audio codecs. If you have a question about WavPack or related software, this is the place to start!
RareWares A great site for getting the latest compiles of audio codecs and other hard-to-find software, including unofficial compiles of WavPack for various platforms.
ReplayGain Somewhat outdated, but the official source for information on the ReplayGain standard and how it is implemented.
Greg Bryant From the creative side of the family, this is my brother's personal music site with plenty of great MP3s available for free download. Hmm, is there a pattern here?

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